honey, it's primetime.

Why they’re called lost people

Lost ppl go to hell, therefore no one wants to get lost :)

life is great when…

you’re in love with your girl & she is too… if she’s not, well that’s just really awkward imma right?

life is great when…

you have nonannoying friends that talk bout stuff that you wanna talk bout & nut thing is in the way.

facts in Ronald Reagan’s opinion

facts are stupid things.

-Ronald Reagan

If I were a girl

If I were a girl I would want to be Pinocchio bc I really want to be boy.


Don’t look down…trust me it doesn’t pretty down there

“sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will make me go in a corner & cry by myself for hours”
— Eric Idle
me in my own lil world

me in my own lil world